Men in Swimming Trunks Are Still Pretty Hot


Even though there are so many various styles of swimwear for men these days, men in swimming trunks still look pretty hot as they stroll along on the beach or around a swimming pool. Too many people have placed swimming trunks in the category of Old and Only Old Men Wear Them. That could not be further from the truth, though. Yes, it is true that swimming trunks have been around for well over half a century. At one point, they used to be quite popular and in style. In fact, men were happy and relieved to have something to go swimming in that did not come down to their knees. How soon they forget.

These days, instead of being thrilled to have trunk style swimsuits, many times, men in swimming trunks look as if they just want to hide. It almost makes you wonder why they chose trunks in the first place if they dislike them so much. However, they are doing trunks a great disservice. You see, these days, designers for mens swimwear are becoming rather imaginative and creative when sketching out their plans for swimming trunks. There are now many choices of colors, designs and much more when it comes to trunks. There is certainly no shame in wearing them.

Actually, when you start paying closer attention, you will see that men in swimming trunks are pretty hot. This swimsuit style also offers those men with less than perfect bodies the chance to be a bit competitive when on the beach among all of those men that are wearing bikinis, thongs, and Speedos. Depending on what beach you visit, there will always be at least a handful of people in any crowd that will prefer swimming trunks on their men. You could be one of those men that they ogle and drool over. Even men wearing trunks tend to collect not only some positive attention but also plenty of phone numbers.


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Watching Men in Swimming Trunks


 I love watching men in swimming trunks walking around on the beach. There is something so sexy about the designs that these guys are wearing these days that I just can’t help myself. My girlfriend doesn’t seem to find it as fascinating as I do, however. She likes looking at the guys, but she isn’t too thrilled when I start pointing them out to her. I think she may have thoughts that I am bi or something. She always gives me one of those looks like I have lost my damn mind and I guess I can understand that.

It is kind of funny that a heterosexual male would enjoy looking at men in swimming trunks walking down the beach. In fact, I would probably think there was something wrong with the guy, too, if I didn’t know him. It is just that I really can’t help but look at them. The way they move and the way the trunks fit their bodies; its mind blowing to me. I don’t get any sexual gratification out of it or anything like that, but it does amaze me that everyone else doesn’t see what I am seeing. I guess I am one of a kind when it comes to something of this nature.

I have thought about wearing the same things those men in swimming trunks are wearing, but I don’t look half as good as they do. Even my girlfriend told me that I need to stick with the trunks that I have been wearing. Although I don’t look good in them, I can still watch all the other guys out there and dream about what it would be like to be them. On the other hand, I could start working out and see if I could get my body into the same shape so that I could look good in them. I think I will try that route first and just see what happens.


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Desirable Men in Swimming Trunks


In spite of all of the various swim suits available for men these days, men in swimming trunks make for some of the most desirable of all men. The trunks style that you see on the beaches and around swimming pools now show off a man’s body to its best advantage. There is nothing that is sexier than just the hint of what might be underneath those trunks. Swimming trunks are also some of the most convenient when it comes to slipping in and out of them at a moment’s notice.

You may wonder why it would be necessary to get in and of these quickly. The thing is, you probably wouldn’t even have to take them off to enjoy a quickie in the ocean, a lake, or a pool. Men in swimming trunks have the advantage of that handy opening in the front of their swim suit which allows for a random erection to be pulled from the suit discreetly and quickly. Not only that, but the trunks can actually remain on the man the entire time that he and his partner are enjoying an unexpected aquatic interlude.  Now doesn’t that make for quite an exciting time? In fact, now that the thought has been planted in your mind, you may not be able to look at a pair of swimming trunks in the same way ever again. On the other hand, you may want to race right out and buy yourself one of these great swimsuits.

Once you do try on your first pair of trunks, take a look in the mirror and you will see exactly what all the fuss is about when it comes to men in swimming trunks. Don’t you think you look sexy and desirable in those trunks when you look at yourself? Of course you do! Now all you have to do is get your partner to go swimming with you so that you can try out that whole sex in the water thing.


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The Evolution of Men in Swimming Trunks



Seeing men in swimming trunks is a daily occurrence for me since I live so close to the beach. I can’t go a day without noticing some new design that a guy has decided to wear out in public for the first time. It amazes me that there are so many different swimwear designs available but it doesn’t amaze me that guys are looking for something different to wear. In fact, I would have thought that some of these designs would have been created decades ago, but it is good to see them coming out finally.

When you think about men in swimming trunks, you probably picture some guy wearing board shorts out on the beach, but that isn’t what they are wearing anymore. The trunks that are available these days are much different from those traditional shorts that have been worn for so long. Just do a quick search online and you will see for yourself that trunks like these are changing drastically. They are now showing off much more skin, and that isn’t always such a bad thing. I have seen a lot of guys showing skin off that I found exciting to witness.

Of course there are always going to be a handful of men in swimming trunks walking around in public that shouldn’t be showing off that much skin. But it doesn’t bother me when I do see them since I feel that every guy should be able to wear whatever they want to as long as it makes them happy. Granted, it should be acceptable to wear in public. I don’t think that wearing a piece of tape as a bathing suit is something that everyone should be doing, but some of the more erotic options of trunks would be perfectly fine for me. It shows the open freedom that humanity has the right to express as far as I am concerned, and there’s a lot to be said for personal freedom.

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Men in Swimming Trunks Come in All Shapes and Sizes


I see a lot of men in swimming trunks that think they are showing off how sexy they look when, in reality, they are just showing off how foolish they can be. I see these men all the time and I want to ask them what they are doing and why are they showing off that much of their bodies. Especially when they shouldn’t be showing off what they don’t actually have. But I can’t tell these guys not to wear what they want to as that wouldn’t be fair. So I keep my mouth shut and say nothing.

Now I have seen some men in swimming trunks that looked really good in them. Then, there are very few of them at the beaches that I tend to hit on the weekends. I might not be in the right place when sexy men are wearing them to see how many there really are, but I know that there has to be more guys than what I’ve been noticing. I have started wearing some of the designs that I have seen over the years and, while I might not be all that sexy in them; I do tend to look a bit better than some of the guys around me.

If more men in swimming trunks were willing to go the distance and get their bodies in decent shape, these designs could end up changing the world for the better. Hopefully, I will be able to see that change in my lifetime but, if not, then at least I know it will happen someday. It truly is amazing to think that there are guys in the world that are willing to wear designs like this and show the world that men aren’t going to settle for what is common anymore. At the very least, they will show the world that guys can be sexy on the beach, too.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!

Becoming One of Those Men in Swimming Trunks


Watching the men in swimming trunks on the beach has made me realize that I am missing out on a lot of things in my life. These men seem to be having so much fun that they aren’t even aware that they are walking around mostly naked, which is amazing to me. Not too many years ago, that would have been something that could have gotten you into a lot of trouble, but I see them wearing these things all the time now. It makes me wonder why I haven’t decided to get some for myself.

I have thought about asking these men in swimming trunks what it is about the designs they are wearing that makes them so exciting, but I can actually answer that question myself just by looking at them. I don’t think there is a design in swimwear on the market that looks more exciting than what I have seen these men wearing, and I want to be a part of that somehow. I just have to figure out where I can find some of these items for myself, which shouldn’t be too hard to do when you think about how big the Internet is these days.


I would love to be like those men in swimming trunks, walking around and enjoying their lives. I want the kind of attention that they are getting with their swimwear and I think that isn’t too much to ask. So I am going to do what I need to do in order to find some of those trunks they are wearing and see if I can pull off that look as well. If I can’t pull it off in public, at least I can wear them around the house and give myself some attention. But I am pretty sure that I will look almost as good as those men do if I put forth enough effort.


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Looking at Men in Swimming Trunks


I have seen men in swimming trunks that were old and out dated and I have seen some in trunks that I would never wear out in public. I have even seen a couple in something that I could only describe as being overly erotic and should have been left in the bedroom. However, I have never worn any of those designs in the past. I wasn’t much of a swimmer or anything so I always just wore my regular shorts to the beach when I went. My friends never thought anything about it and I just let it go at that.

Lately, though, I have started seeing some men in swimming trunks that have grabbed my attention like nothing else I have seen. I don’t know much about these trunks other than the fact that I would really like to get my hands on some of them myself. I have started looking around online to see if I can find these designs, but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. In fact, I have found just about every other design on the planet except the ones that I am truly interested in wearing right now.

I thought about asking those men in swimming trunks where they had purchased theirs, but I didn’t think it was such a good idea to do something like that. I figure they didn’t want other guys walking around in the same designs that they were wearing all the time. Although, I will eventually be out there on that beach wearing them once I do figure out where to buy them. It will just take a bit longer than I thought it would, but I will find the happiness that those guys seemed to have with their trunks. Hopefully, they will have some in my size.


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Experimenting with Men in Swimming Trunks


Seeing men in swimming trunks when I go out to the beach always makes me wonder if I could pull something like that off as well as they do. I’m not talking about the trunks that you can find in any discount store across the world. Anyone can wear those. I’m talking about the ones that are specifically designed to show off just how sexy a guy can really be. Those designs are made for guys that have a body to show off, though, and I don’t really think that I have that kind of a body just yet.


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I have thought about asking those men in swimming trunks what kind of workout program they use to see if it would be possible for me to get the same kind of body but I don’t even think that will help all that much. I am pretty fit as it is, but my body just doesn’t have the same appeal to people that those guys seem to get. Maybe I am just being too hard on myself and my body is perfect for wearing something like that. On the other hand, I keep thinking about what might happen if I am wrong about it all.

I would love to hang out with those men in swimming trunks and enjoy the attention that they seem to get, but that might just be a pipe dream for me. I suppose that I could wear them around my own house to at least see what I would look like in them. If I didn’t look all that bad, then I might be able to wear them to a beach that I don’t normally go to and see what those people think. That actually sounds like a very good idea to me. If I find that I don’t look good enough to go out in public with them, then I can still wear them around the house.

Men in Swimming Trunks and New Designs


Whenever I see men in swimming trunks I know that a fun time is being had by all. Of course this is usually done at the beach and who doesn’t have a fun time while they are at the beach? Just watching them walk around in the latest designs is something that I really enjoy and think more guys should be doing. I have even found myself shopping around for something to wear that is unique and sexy like the ones that I have seen men wearing at the beach. The only problem is that there are so many designs available on the market that I can never pick just one to buy.

Once you see men in swimming trunks walking down the beach in something you have never seen, you will get curious about how they feel. Even the designs that you may not be fully comfortable with will tug at your curiosity in ways you never thought were possible. This will lead you down a path to a world that few men out there have actually seen. Well, more guys are actually seeing this world lately because of the number of them wearing these trunks out in public, but you get the idea.

If you enjoy seeing men in swimming trunks, then you should take a few minutes to thank the designers. They are the ones that have made it possible for guys all over the world to wear something so sexy. The best way to thank these designers is to go out and purchase some of their swimwear. By doing this, you can guarantee that mens swimwear will keep going down the path of sexiness so that everyone can enjoy them. With more and more guys wearing trunks of this nature, the designers will be able to fashion even sexier options for you to wear later.


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Reminiscing about Men in Swimming Trunks


Looking at the men in swimming trunks on the beach through my back door makes me want to go out and join them every day. I just want to slip into something sexy and run down the beach all carefree like. But I don’t get the chance to do things like that anymore. I have aged to the point where running down the beach would require helpers and possibly some kind of futuristic suit with the technology to keep me from falling on my face. I can sit out back in my own trunks, though, and enjoy the sites around me.


Sorry no real model today just me in a micro swimsuit

Unlike most other older men, I like to see men in swimming trunks so that I can get a better idea of what I could wear to relax in. I’m not all that interested in looking at sites on a computer and trying to tell what suits I should purchase from a picture. But I do enjoy seeing the suits in action out on the beach. I have actually found that there are a lot of guys that are more than willing to come and talk to me about the trunks they are wearing if I am interested enough, and can get their attention.

Watching those men in swimming trunks on the beach always makes me think back to my younger days when I was one of them. Running around like an idiot all the time and having as much fun as I could. Those were good days as far as I am concerned and ones that I relive every time I see a guy walking around in sexy swimwear. Now I shall leave it to a younger generation and I will wear my trunks and get a nice tan whenever I can, enjoying the breeze coming off the ocean and the sites of the young people all around me.



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