Watching Men in Swimming Trunks


Watching Men in Swimming Trunks

Looking at men in swimming trunks is one of those hobbies that I highly enjoy. Most guys will take up other types of hobbies that will keep them locked up in a room in their homes, but I prefer to be out in the sun enjoying myself as much as possible. The best thing about this particular hobby is that I get to see all kinds of sexy men while I am laying in the sun getting a great tan in my own swimwear. Now that is a hobby that everyone could be enjoying in their lives.

There are some men in swimming trunks that don’t particularly enjoy that I am staring at them when they walk by. Even when I am wearing my mirrored sunglasses they still seem to know when I am staring at them. I tried bringing a mirror with me to catch them without turning my head, but that didn’t work, either. I think it was the fact that I would follow them with my mirror until they actually got to a point where I could see them without it. Although I still can’t manage to do my hobby without anyone noticing, I continue find it absolutely amazing.


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Men in swimming trunks going micro thong sexy by

Men in swimming trunks going micro bikini sexy by

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