Watching Men in Swimming Trunks

Men in Swimming Trunks

Watching Men in Swimming Trunks

I am constantly on the lookout for sexy men in swimming trunks when I go out to the beach. I don’t know what it is about guys wearing some of the newest designs in swimwear these days, but it’s almost like I am addicted to watching them walk around. I love the fact that they are brave enough to wear some of the most erotic designs I have ever seen, although I couldn’t even wear them in the privacy of my own home and look good in them. I guess you have to be a special type of guy to wear them out in public or something.

I have seen all kinds of men in swimming trunks that I would love to introduce myself to, but I never have the nerve to actually get up and go talk to them. I have even looked at purchasing my own swimming trunks that I could wear out on the beach in the hopes that some of those guys might come over and talk to me, but I know that I won’t look nearly as hot as they do. So I sit there and watch them as they walk by and think about what my life would be if I was more like them instead. How sad is that?

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