Men in Swimming Trunks that Both Men and Women Love to See

Men in Swimming Trunks that Both Men and Women Love to See

Watching the men in swimming trunks walking around on the beach is one of those pastimes that I truly enjoy these days. Of course, you have to be careful about how hard to look at some of these men simply because they may be quite straight and not looking for the attention of another man. I have had my fair share of instances dealing with straight men that thought I was trying to pick them up on the beach. They just didn’t understand that I was simply looking at their swimwear and enjoying the view.

I think there should be a sign on the beach telling men in swimming trunks that they should accept the attention they are getting from men and women alike because they chose to wear something so appealing. If you don’t want other men to stare at your body, then you should probably try wearing jeans and a t-shirt to the beach instead. I know that will keep me from staring at you and you won’t have to feel awkward about being stared at by other men in the vicinity. Just remember, if you want to look sexy for women, then you are going to look just as sexy to some men.

But there are still a lot of men in swimming trunks that understand the beauty of the male body and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that they are giving guys like me the show that we deserve. I just wish that all men would be willing to show off their bodies in this manner. Well, maybe not all of them. There are some men that probably shouldn’t be out on the beach wearing a thong. But a good portion of those men should be willing and able to do just that in my opinion.


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Daydreaming of Men in Swimming Trunks

Daydreaming of Men in Swimming Trunks

I have spent a lot of time on the beach watching men in swimming trunks walking up and down the coastline thinking they look sexy when they don’t. There might be one or two guys every once in a while that I spot wearing something that might be considered sexy to someone, but I am still waiting for that one guy that is wearing something so sexy it completely blows my mind. Unfortunately, I think I am going to have to find other beaches before anything like that ever happens. Most guys still think that Hawaiian trunks are in style after all.

Whenever I think about seeing men in swimming trunks, I always wonder what I would actually do. I usually sit there in the sand thinking about the different scenarios that could end up happening with my life and they always end up with me making a complete ass out of myself. So I figure that I will simply continue to watch and, hopefully, someone will walk buy wearing something sexy enough to really gain my attention. Then the words will flow out and impress him. Granted that might not be something that ever happens these days, but I can always hope for the best.

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